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    QUESTION FROM BARBARA PEDRICK BLIED: I would not trust them to decide who gets the biggest piece of the cake. And do most people, folks on the street, think that it’s compromised still? And the liberals did very well in the period 2001 to 2005. Has there never before been a (politically) conservative SCOTUS that used conservative principles as a pretext for trampling on separation of powers?JEFFREY TOOBIN: The Supreme Court invariably scores very high in public esteem. All the liberals who hated Justice Kennedy for Bush v. JEFFREY TOOBIN: I think the closest parallel is the early 1930s, when the conservatives struck down a series of New Deal laws—which led FDR to try his court-packing plan. QUESTION FROM LEWIS: Is there really hypocrisy in being a political conservative and a judicial activist? Heller specifically and originalism generally fit into this phenomenon?K., Bush spent nearly an hour chatting with about her ever-changing creative process, her past work, and her hopes and fears for the future. Even just making albums—which was more within the structure that I’ve worked in for years—you have no idea how people will respond. It was such a long time since I’d done any live work. Every night my audiences were what I would dream of. You have to try and embrace it all and everyone who represents that change because it is happening.I suppose my biggest concern would be if the planet is going to be in good enough shape for the next generation to have the privileges that we’ve had. They told Stephen Hawking he only had a year left to live and how many years ago was that? If ever there’s been somebody to hold as an icon of sheer determination and willpower, it’s that guy, let alone any of the things he’s done scientifically.The hypocrisy is being a judicial activist and pretending not to be one. QUESTION FROM RUBY: My children are homeschooled, i teach them myself, and the values i teach them are conservative, especially when it comes to how we are to interpret the constitution—as you say judicial restraint as opposed to judicial activism—don’t you believe it is important to imbue our children with the traditional values that support the Constitution? But the Constitution often involves conflicting values—freedom of speech vs. QUESTION FROM DAVID: Can you touch on why this was not dismissed as a political question issue?QUESTION FROM MARGIE: I just watched last night’s interview with justice Stevens on 60 minutes and I wonder if me. Wouldn’t the House of Representatives have been able to judge the propriety of the certification from the state electoral college?

    But in a rare interview via phone from her home in the U. The scariest thing was whether I’d be any good performing live again. I think in some ways it’s changing in a very positive way.: Jeffrey Toobin will be joining us in just a few minutes. The court intruded where ‘the founding fathers’ specifically stated in the constitution (the ‘selective’ strict Constitutionalist’s always overlook this) that the Supreme Court h…as no place deciding Presidential elections, that is purely the domain of the House of Representatives. Supreme Court’s deepest shame and disgrace; and has seriously harmed their credibility. And the country paid, dearly, including a colossal loss in respect for the rule of law. Therefore, it leaves a lasting stain in the history of the Republic; even if the case is never cited. JEFFREY TOOBIN: It’s easy to change the Supreme Court. QUESTION FROM DAVID ELMORE: The recount should have continued even if Gore lost, again. Gore, the Supreme Court committed one of the baldest and biggest usurpations of political power in American history—without Constitutional, legal, legislative, or precedential standing.Set up as part-concert and part-theatre performance, this multi-sensory work cannot be found online on You Tube or Instagram (Bush insisted no recording devices or phones be on while she sang) and apart from a handful of written recaps from fans or reviews from a select group of publications, no evidence of the concert series is readily available.To soothe the Bush admirers who couldn’t get to witness the 58-year-old Brit belt out hits such as “Cloudbusting” and “Running Up That Hill” on stage, she decided to produce a companion live album, which came out on Nov. 1 on the British charts, which would be for the first time for her in nearly 30 years. That’s part of what I suppose is part of being brave and putting creative work out there. I’ve learned you can’t take any steps to protect any art. I knew I wanted it to be a piece of theatre rather than just a concert.

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